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EXPERT in 5 star food & fitness, available 7/24 for Consultation

Good ideas deserve to be found

Eat Smart, Quick & Fit

Delivered Fresh To Your Doorstep

SOFIT provides the protein cooked in Sous Vide, which guarantees exquisite tenderness and taste while all ingredients we use are natural like you cooked in your own kitchen. The pack is Ready-to-Eat and meet your dietary requirement with ultimate ease and convenience.

 Welcomed by Fitness, Keto, Paleo, Businessmen and Women, Housewives who want to prepare a nutritious meal without hassle.

Bold Flavors & Beyond

Sofit represents a new and healthy lifestyle which you will embrace easily. Our team of online consultation is ready to give  personal nutrition advices. Balance on the body, mind and soul is our purpose and we are more than happy to share our secrets.

Popular Trend is On-going

Varieties of oriental flavors and varieties of colors are dashing. The idea of Sofit is original and cosmopolitan, have your protein on the go, soon it will be as popular as brunch and afternoon tea!

Be an Entrepreneur on Sofit

Sofit offers attractive distribution and bonus system, why not to enjoy the food while promoting Sofit with good benefits? You or your partners can be distributor or wholesaler online, just a click away


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